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"Anita Lee is an amazing professional with years of experience. She is articulate, intelligent and speaks with wit, elegance and humor that will wow any audience. Buy her books, hire her as a coach and bring her in to speak to YOUR group. I guarantee you will be glad you did!"
Bernadette Vadurro, president
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Are you ready to leave your fears behind and take the essential steps to a more fulfilling life?

Professional life coaching with Anita C. Lee can make the critical difference in moving from the status quo into your Authentic Success.

Many people say they feel there is more to life than what they are experiencing, but they don’t know how to access that life.

Others are afraid to express their dreams and put their skills and abilities into action because they’ve believed the lies they have been told—that they are too young, too old, too this, too that—that they don’t have enough of what it takes to be successful.

Still others are stuck while trying to create their own businesses, saying, “I know what to do, but I’m not doing it. I feel overwhelmed, discouraged and unfocused. Help!”

You can let go of these limitations and soar!

Through life coaching you can uncover the limiting beliefs that are holding you back, learn how to set realistic, attainable goals and discover how to stay focused—distinguishing between meaningful new opportunities and “bright, shiny objects” that interfere with your success.

Good candidates for life coaching with Anita—

  • Do you want to move beyond the status quo and live intentionally?

  • Are you eager to achieve your dreams?

  • Do you sense it’s time for a change in your professional or personal life and want to take the exciting next steps?

  • Are you ready to break through self-imposed barriers to reach your potential?

  • Do you feel you were meant to live a life of significance and seek to understand what that will look like?

Together we can make a positive difference in the world!

Dear Client-to-be,

     When I become your coach, I also become your accountability partner and cheerleader, encouraging you on your path to success in your personal and/or business life.

     I started Authentic Success, LLC, to help women entrepreneurs and other professionals around the world —such as artists, writers, speakers, teachers, and coaches—find meaning and purpose in their lives.

     Through private coaching, group events, teleconferences, workshops, and a variety of written materials, we help you develop your potential from who you are today to become the dynamic, influential woman you were created to be.

     For more information or to set up a complimentary information session with me, call 505-897-7387, between 10am—5pm, Mtn. time, or send an email with the subject line “Information Session” to Anita(at)

To your Authentic Success,
Anita C. Lee


To learn more about life coaching and Anita’s coaching programs go here.

A portion of all proceeds goes to World Vision International
to help women throughout the world create better lives for their families.

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Anita C. Lee
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