Anita C. Lee

Anita C Lee

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“Not only is [Anita] organized and a visionary, but she is also an excellent presenter. I have gleaned so much from seeing her capture the interest of her audience and instill in them a desire to know even more through her presentation.”
Sandy S.
Marietta, GA

“Anita is an animated speaker who appeals to the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual levels of her audiences.”
Nancy S.
Roswell, GA



Do the members of your organization need to be encouraged and inspired to go beyond the status quo so they can soar?

I love to connect in ways that listeners can see who they are at their core and how they can make a difference in their professional and personal lives.

Whether as a keynote speaker, a break-out session leader, or other speaking event, I tailor each message to the needs of the audience.

Ideal audiences for Anita’s speaking engagements include:

Civic Organizations
Women’s groups
Student groups
Colleges and Universities


“Keys to Authentic Success”—Listeners will come away from this gathering with an understanding of what it takes to be truly successful in life. No hype, no get-rich quick promises, just solid ideas on what it takes to create a successful life, both personally and professionally.

“Authentic Success is an Inside Job!”—It starts on the inside. We have to get our thoughts in line with our dreams in order to succeed. Overcome the negative chatter and the naysayers who would discourage you from reaching your potential. Get in touch with your deepest desires and your core values to become truly successful.

“Life’s Too Short to Live Small: Dream…Plan…Act”—Have you forgotten what it was like to dream about what you could be when you grow up? It’s not too late. No matter what age or stage of life you are in, you can break out of the status quo and live a life that will make a positive difference in the world.

“The Boss in the Mirror”—Whether you are an entrepreneur with your own business or work for someone else, you are still your own boss in many areas of life. Are you a good boss to work for or do you treat yourself in ways you would not want someone else to treat you? Enough of the negative self-talk and self-defeating opinions! Learn to be a CEO (Chief Encouragement Officer) who supports, inspires, and empowers positive action, and let “The Boss in the Mirror” become the “Boss of the Year.”

In addition to these titles, I would love to create a specific message around the theme of your event.

Fees vary depending on travel distance and length of presentations.

Call or email for more information: 505-897-7387; Anita(at)


“When we know we are living significant lives, using our talents and abilities for the good of ourselves and others, we have the energy and creativity to make a positive difference in the world.”    
Anita C. Lee


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Anita C. Lee
Albuquerque, NM